Customized Slide Shows

Slide Shows: The slide show presentation we develop consists of selected images of unique features of your house or property. Customization includes previous and next navigation, and much more. Once we've obtained the appropriate images, text information and all your specifications, we build you a high quality slide show presentation of your house or property. Your slide show can then become an integral part of your virtual tours.

Slide Show Package: Our slide show package includes up to 12 still images, a floor plan scan(if available) or a site plat drawing, help information, an e-mail link, a link back to your home page web site(if you have an existing site), a detailed property description and a customized logo for your slide show.

Also included is a customized menu for easy site navigation. This menu system is setup to be linked directly to your site or to links that you specify. It only contains links that are approved by you or your representative. Netsouth Virtual Tours remains autonomous and does not show up on this menu or on the slide show unless you specifically request it.

Descriptive information about the property may be supplied in any of the following ways:
•• 1--Enter in the Comments Sections on our feedback form
•• 2--Send Rich Text document or Word document as an email attachment to Netsouth Support
•• 3--Phone 601-954-2023 for other ways.

Included in the Slide Show Package:

  • •• Up to Twelve(12) still images of the property
  • •• Complete description of property
  • •• A scanned floor plan or site plat drawing
  • •• An e-mail link
  • •• Help Information
  • •• A customized logo for your slide show
  • •• A link to your existing web site(if available)
  • •• A customized menu system with ALL links approved by you
  • •• A maximum of up to a 12-page slide show design/site
  • •• 3 months hosting on Netsouth Virtual Tours server system
  • •• Hosting service after 3 months period for $9.95/month

The Slide Show Package price is $129.

Sample Slide Shows: Check these demos out and experience the impact a slide show can have on potential buyers or viewers of your property. One slide show displays the features of a house in the Shiloh Falls Development. Another one, uses another display method and shows Colors of Pickwick.

Shiloh Falls Development Colors of Netsouth

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