What are the costs for virtual tours?

Our basic virtual tour starts at $149. A full service virtual tour package can be produced for $199 and includes the first 4 months hosting. See our Services page for full cost details. 

How is my virtual tour found on the Internet?

Your virtual tour can be found on the Internet in several ways. It may be linked to your company's web site or to your own personal web site. You can also go to some of the search engines and register your virtual tour site for inclusion on their sites. Some of these search sites may require a fee this type service. 

What is the duration of the hosting period?

Your property remains on our server system for a minimum of 3 months. After this 3 months period, the monthly hosting fee is $9.95 until your property is sold or is no longer needed. 

Do you support external links on the developed site?

We provide a link directly to your existing site. We will also provide you with support for linking directly to your site. 

Is a kitchen/dining room counted as one(1) virtual tour?

If camera setup is such that the complete pano view consists of both rooms, then the kitchen/dining room example would be counted as only one room. If the camera setup for a kitchen and dining room, as an example, requires 2 different locations then it would count as two separate virtual tours. 

How do I put my virtual tours on other web sites?

Send the webmaster of the other sites the following link:, where "your_name" is the name you select to identify your site. 

Why is my Virtual Tour not showing up? I see a red "x" in the upper left corner of my display window.

Choose Download Java JRE/JVM to download and obtain the most recent version of the Java Virtual Machine (Java VM). The Java VM is required to view Java Applets used in setting up the Netsouth Virtual Tours. 

Can I download only the Java Virtual Machine?

No. The Java Virtual Machine (JVM) is not a standalone program. It is only one aspect of Java software that is involved in web interaction and is built right into your Java software download that you obtain in the download. The JVM is part of the Sun Java 2 Runtime Environment, Standard Edition (JRE). You must download the entire JRE to configure your system for the Java VM, if it has not already been done. Go to the page and look in the upper right side of this page under "FREE JAVA SOFTWARE DOWNLOAD". Click on the Java Software Download button and download the latest JRE software that includes the Java VM. 

How do I test my system for the Java Virtual Machine?

To test that the Java VM and JRE is installed, enabled and working properly on your computer, go to Test Installation and run this test applet to test your Java Runtime Environment. If you can see the animation of the Duke logo image, the JRE installation and configuration is successful. If this is not the case then download the latest JRE software that includes the Java VM. 

How long does it take to develop my web site containing my virtual tours?

It normally takes 1-2 days from the time we complete the image work for your property to show up on the Netsouth Virtual Tours site. 

What other services do you provide?

Netsouth Virtual Tours also offers Brochure Services, Slide Show Services, Streaming Audio Solutions and other services such as Tour-on-a-Disk 

Why should I consider your services?

For several reasons...we show your property through the combined use of 360 degree panoramas and multi-image walk through slide show presentations. Our digital pictures are generally higher quality than others because we use the latest technology. Netsouth Virtual Tours provides you with a web site to host your virtual tours. We also provide you with your own personal web address on the Netsouth Virtual Tours web site. 

What is the difference between the Full Service Virtual Tour and the Basic Virtual Tour?

The Full Service Virtual Tour and Basic Virtual Tour contain the same content and image quality. Our Full Service Virtual Tour provides the most exposure for your property. It contains 6 instead of 2 virtual tours. You get a customized logo, 10 still images instead of 2, and a scanned floor plan or site plat drawing in addition to the other basic features. 

What is the Full Service Virtual Tour and how do I navigate in a Full Service Virtual Tour image?

All our Virtual Tours use the Java programming language to provide the very best viewing experience by allowing for smooth, automatic left or right viewing of a scene as well as a zoom feature. There are three ways to navigate a Virtual Tour image:
•• Click and drag your mouse on the image
•• Click and drag your mouse on the image
•• Use your keyboard's arrows
To use the Zoom feature:
Use the Page Up Key to zoom in or the Page Down Key to zoom out. Alternately, press the A Key to zoom in or the Z Key to zoom out.

How are Virtual Tours displayed?

Virtual Tours uses a small program, called an "applet," written using the Java programming language. This applet is sent to your computer when you view the Web page containing it. Then, the applet receives the Virtual Tour you want to see. Thus, it may take a few seconds for the Virtual Tour interface to be displayed. 

Which browsers do you recommend for Windows users?

Users must use the latest versions of either Internet Explorer or Netscape. If your browser is not Java-enabled, you browser will not be able to display the Netsouth Virtual Tours virtual tour images. You can download the latest version of Netscape from, or Internet Explorer from 

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