Virtual Tours: Details, Demos, Services & Support

Overview: The Internet has become a common "media" whereby online virtual tours of homes on the Internet is a "must" to capture that elusive buyer. It offers convenience and time saving benefits to the agent, buyer and seller. The first place that potential buyers look for a home is normally on the Internet.

What Are Virtual Tours? Netsouth Virtual Tours are online presentations that utilize the latest hardware and software technologies as relates to image displays and multi-media content. Our tours allow the potential buyer to view the property before doing an onsite visit. Based on the type of virtual tour selected, we produce virtual tour presentations that may include 360deg panoramic photos, partial panorams, static photos, scanned images/drawings, text descriptions,and other property information.

The leading Panoramic stitching software PHOTOVISTA PANORAMA is used to turn a series of photographs into a seamless 360deg interactive experience. It creates high-quality panoramas from a set of overlapping digital images. PHOTOVISTA PANORAMA transforms (warps) the images so that they can be joined seamlessly into panoramas whose fields of view can range up to 360deg.

Netsouth Approach is a Complete Solution: Included in our solution is complete design of your web site containing your property images and virtual tours. We design a custom logo for your site and include custom backgrounds and image buttons in the design work. When your site design work is completed, we then provide hosting of your properties on our server system for 3 months at no extra charge. Continued hosting of your virtual tours and your web site after the initial 3 months is available for a minimum charge.

VT-2 Plan 1
Cost: $159

-- Two(2)property tours
-- Two(2) property images
-- Maximum 1-page site design
-- 1-st 3 months hosting free
-- $9.95/month after 3 months

VT-2 Plan Details

VT-4 Plan 2
Cost: $179

-- Four(4)property tours
-- Four(4) property images
-- Maximum 1-page site design
-- 1-st 3 months hosting free
-- $9.95/month after 3 months

VT-4 Plan Details

Full Service Plan
Cost: $199

-- Six(6) property tours
-- Six(6) property images
-- Maximum 2-page site design
-- 1-st 4 months hosting free
-- $9.95/month after 4 months

Full Service Plan Details

Consulting, Maintenance, Updates and Internet Related Services

Netsouth provides complete Website development including customized navagation menus, graphics work, flash logos & banners, photo scanning, embedded video/audio, streaming audio, virtual panoramic visions and imaging, forms, tables, JavaScript, and html coding on an hourly or contract basis.

After your Website is developed, we'll store and maintain the developed pages on the Netsouth site on your virtual server. We'll also maintain your files, make updates in a timely manner, develop new ideas to keep your Website sharp and on the cutting edge.

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