Audio Clips

•• Netsouth Virtual Tours can be configured with audio clips that feature an audio track, complete with background music. You can give your seller or potential buyer a CD with the virtual tour on it. This CD can become your business card!

•• Select one of the clips you'd like to hear.

RealAudio Networks

RealAudio Networks
•• Introduction
•• Bells Demo

•• With audio added to your virtual tour, it allows you to present additional details that are not normally contained within a virtual tour of your property such as:
1--Extra insulation added to increase R-value
2--2x6's used for all outside walls
3--Quality of construction material used

•• No "plug-in" is required in order to listen to our narrated virtual tour!

•• When you add audio to your virtual tour, it captures the attention of the potential customer by providing a multi-media presentation.

Purchase audio:
•• $75 for 2 minute/3 paragraph clip

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